Move_along_route! - Not implemented for space type ContinuousSpace

Hello there,

First of all, I would like to appreciate the team behind this elegant package. This is my first foray into Agent Based Modelling and Agents.jl has been a great tool.

I am trying to create a simple continuous space (100, 100) model where my agents either move to the area with the highest or lowest agent density. I have a couple of doubts.

  1. How would I find the coordinates for the extrema? Right now, I’m approximating the coordinates by manually exploring about a third of the integral coordinates, [(1, 1), (1, 4), etcetera], using nearby_ids to count the number of agents as part of the model_step! function. The coordinates are then stored as model properties. I did consider using regression to plot a contour map or such and derive the gradient directions from there but decided against it as it offered no considerable advantage in terms of the movements. There must be a more efficient way to do it.

  2. plan_route!(agent, model.minCoord, model.pathFinder) move_along_route!(agent, model, model.pathFinder, speed = 1.0, dt = 1.0)
    This is the code I’m trying to use to move my agents. model.minCoord is a Tuple of coordinates. model.pathFinder is defined as :pathFinder => AStar(space; walkmap = BitArray(trues(extent...)), cost_metric = DirectDistance{2}()) .

I seem to have made some errors in my definitions, as when on running, I get a “notimplemented” error. I tried going through the source code, but can’t seem to figure out the problem. Kindly advice on how I can proceed.

Thanks in advance.

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