Mouse events + Luxor

Hello, I need to get the coordinates of the mouse using Luxor package but I have not found anything in the documentation. Is it posible?.
I would like to make an animation like in Processing with @play of Luxor.
Best regards.

Normally Luxor.jl has no concept of mice - or even of human beings - so you’d have to introduce an intermediary to help it communicate. MiniFB.jl works well. If you look at the MiniFB documentation, you’ll see how to set up mouse callbacks.

I’ve also seen an attempt to use GTK (GitHub - nodrygo/GtkLuxorNaiveDemo: demo for Luxor draw in Gtk canvas).

In general I’d recommend Makie.jl for interactive and reactive graphics; Luxor.jl tends towards the sedentary end of things.


Thanks, I’m looking MiniFB and I think it has what I need. I will also try Makie.