Modul with hash functions, like the Python Bcript modul

I am new to the Julia programming language. At the moment I am in the process of translating my Python code to Julia code. And I have a problem, I didn’t find a module to hash passwords. I hope the question is not stupid, but is there a module to hash passwords, like the Python Bcript module?

I hope someone can help me.

maybe :

  • Nettle.jl: “Julia wrapper around nettle cryptographic hashing/encryption library providing MD5, SHA1, SHA2 hashing and HMAC functionality, as well as AES encryption/decryption”

  • SEAL.jl is an easy-to-use wrapper for the original SEAL library and supports homomorphic encryption with the BFV and CKKS schemes.”

  • Scrypt.jl “An implementation of the Scrypt PBKDF algorithm in Julia”

  • Blake3Hash.jl “Native Julia implementation of the BLAKE3 algorithm.”


Thank you for your help. The modules fantastic!

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