ModelingToolkit, Symbolics, Complex{}

Greetings everyone, I have recently started using ModelingToolkit.jl. I am facing the following error with exponentiation,

eqs_1 = [D(z1) ~ z1 * ( μ + im * ω_1 - abs(z1)) + A * ((cos(θ/ω_2) + im*sin(θ/ω_2))  * z2^μ),

        D(z2) ~ z2 * ( μ + im * ω_2 - abs(z2)) + A * ((cos(θ/ω_2) + im*sin(θ/ω_2)) * z1) ]

The error is being caused by the term z2^μ, error message is given below

MethodError: ^(::Complex{Num}, ::Num) is ambiguous. Candidates:
  ^(a::Number, b::Num) in Symbolics at 
  ^(z::Complex{T}, p::T) where T<:Real in Base at complex.jl:830
  ^(z::Complex{T}, p::S) where {T<:Real, S<:Real} in Base at complex.jl:843
Possible fix, define
  ^(::Complex{T}, ::Num) where T<:Real
 [1] top-level scope
   @ ~/Documents/Julia/Practice_modelling_tool_kit.jl:190

Is there a way to get around this error based on the suggestion?

Note there is no error if complex numbers are not involved in the exponents.

Is this due to the fact that Symbolics.jl are still being developed for complex symbolics?

Thank you.

Yeah open an issue.

Done, cheers!