'missing reference' for defined symbols (LanguageServer + jupyter lab)

I’m trying to get support for LanguageServer features in jupyter lab via. the jupyterlab-lsp extension and LanguageServer.jl. The language server shows as “fully initialized” in the jupyter UI, options like “diagnostics panel” are working and (after a quite long loadup time) I can see hints such as invalid iteration specifications (blue underlined) and missing references (red underlined).

My issue: all modules (and symbols defined therein) are labeled as missing references (even though I can load them) and autocomplete does not work on these symbols. This affects both base modules and installed external packages. Any recommendations on how to fix this?

My setup: Julia v1.9.1 (via juliaup), jupyterlab 3.6.4, jupyterlab-lsp 4.2.0, jupyter-lsp 2.2.0, and LanguageServer.jl v4.4.0; all on Ubuntu 20.

Seems this has mostly solved itself somehow, I’m only occasionally still getting this temporarily after restarting jupyter or opening new notebooks / scripts. Perhaps something is still initializing in the background, even though the server claims it is “fully initialized”?