Mismatch error when using the ODESystem and ODEProblem to convert DAE system to ODE system

I have used the ODESystem and ODEProblem to convert the DAE system into ODE system in Julia. It works well for the systems with 10 and 54 equations, but when I tried for the larger system with 88 or 198 equations it has the error below:

ArgumentError: Equations (88), states (84), and initial conditions (84) are of different lengths. To allow a different number of equations than states use kwarg check_length=false.

Even though I have checked the length of u0, it is equal to the length of the equations.
Because my model is quite complex and has a lot of parameters, I have used out-of-place functions instead of in-place functions, which are used in DAEProblem and SteadyStateProblem.
Example for equations in the model:

eq1 = [D(delta[i]) ~ omega[i] for i in 1:m]
eqs = [eq1; eq2; eq3; ...; eq10]

The part of my model is shown below:

Please help me on how to fix it.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Can you post an MWE?

Yes, there are the model file and its dataset directly to your message box. Please help me to check that.

I’ve resolved the issue. The problem was that several equations only contained constants without any variables because I made mistakes when implementing the parameters. For example, It had an equation like 0 = -1.2. When using the ODESystem to create the ODE, the tool dropped these equations and turned them into observed equations, causing a mismatch in dimension. I’ve double-checked everything, and now the system has been successfully created. Thank you for your consideration.