MIP starts in JuMP - an example

Dear all,
Could anyone provide a simple example of how can I use MIP starts in integer programming in Julia language?
I have a problem and a feasible solution, but I cannot to use this solution inside of the CPLEX.
For example, if I have the problem

max x[1] + x[2] + 3x[3]
st x[1] - 2x[2] + 3x[3] <=5
x[1] + 5x[2] >= 3
x[3] <=2
x[i] integer, i=1,2,3
and I want to provide the vector v = [1,1,1] as initial solution for the CPLEX. There is a way to do this?
I thank you for the help.
Best regards,

See the JuMP documentation: https://www.juliaopt.org/JuMP.jl/v0.20.0/variables/#Start-values-1