Minor grid lines in CairoMakie

Hi everyone,
I’m relatively new to Julia, but a long-time user of MATLAB. I want to know how to create plots with CairoMakie with minor gridlines in the same fashion you would do in MATLAB using

grid on
grid minor

without creating them manually by writing 2 for loops with vlines!() and hlines!() in Julia. I know that you can create minor grid lines in CairoMakie by setting the xminorgridvisible and yminorgridvisible to true when defining axes, but the minor gridlines that CairoMakie produces are still course (i.e., CairoMakie creates only 1 minor grid line between 2 major grid lines while MATLAB creates 4). Is there a workaround for creating such fine minor grid in CairoMakie with attributes?
Thank you!

xminorticks=IntervalsBetween(4) ?



This is exactly what I needed, thank you!