Microsoft Teams Markdown language options don't include julia

Our company is switching to Microsoft Teams. In the chat messages it allows code markdown to be included, but Julia-lang is not an option.

Google and Bing searches don’t seem to tell me if there is a way to somehow enable Julia language as an option.

Is there a workaround, or a way to obtain this capability?


Can it accept formatted html, that in turn you can get from some online syntax highlighter?

Hah, I hadn’t even noticed that you could specify a language. Frankly the chat support for code is so bad that not getting an appropriate syntax highlighting seems like a secondary problem.

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Last time I tried to use it it didn’t even do indentations properly.

I mean Julia uses Slack officially and it doesn’t highlight code block at all… (if you use a snippet it does, but rarely you see people use that feature)

Here’s the official feedback forum, request to add Julia syntax highlithing (a couple years ago they had a different platform which had more votes on this topic): Add Julia syntax highlighting

We are at 6 votes now :+1: