Mice for julia

is there a Julia version of this R package Multivariate Imputation by Chained Equations • mice or another package that is usable for Chained imputation in Julia?

Have you checked Impute.jl out?

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Not the same method, but for imputation of continuous variables by means of GMM/EM algorithm there is also predictMissing from BetaML.jl

I found a few, most Bayesian packages seem to have something call Hamiton Monte Carlo
or MarkovChainMonteCarlo

There is this, but I’m not sure if it’s in active development anymore, nor how fully fleshed out it was.

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Looks like 4 months ago and no active version. Right now I’m more concerned with getting Turing or BAT to work

I asked it a long time ago but there is nothing yet.


BayesTesting.jl looked like cool code, and the creator explained it at 2018 JulaCon, but now it looks abandoned, and the clone doesn’t work.


I saw this, and it looked perfect for my needs, but it seems to be gone.