MethodError: no method matching Gurobi.Env(::Ptr{Nothing})

I tried setting the Gurobi parameter “NonConvex” to 2 and I got the following error: “MethodError: no method matching Gurobi.Env(::Ptr{Nothing})”. My Julia Gurobi version is v0.7.5 and I am using Julia 1.3.1. I got this error with JuMP v0.18.6 and v0.20.1. I would appreciate it if you could help me! Please see the screenshot below:

JuMP v0.18.6:

This parameter is not allowed in Gurobi v7.5, this is a new feature of Gurobi v9.0. The MethodError is a bug though, you should get an helpful error message instead, thanks for reporting it.
EDIT: should be fixed by