Method of `open` that applies a function to various files

I have made this very tiny package to help myself in a very common use case, when I want to read data from big files and write results of processing its contents into another, chunk by chunk.

It only contains a new method for, which essentially mimicks open(f::Function, args...; kwargs...) from base/io.jl, but is specific for the case when the first item of args is a tuple that identifies various files. It opens all the files with the given options by broadcasting, and applys f --which should take as many arguments as files given–, closing the files upon completion.

As far as I know open(::Function, ::Tuple{Vararg}, args...; kwargs...) does not exist in Base, so this should not break anything.

Take it if you think it may be useful for you too. Improvements and extensions are welcome.

Since your package does define neither the function nor the argument types, this is type piracy.

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Thanks, I have added a note to warn about this in the README file.

What would be the preferred way to avoid type piracy in this case?

  • Move this functionality to a function not from Base -e.g. openmultiple?
  • Make a PR to Base instead of putting this in a separate package?

A different name for the function would be the simplest solution IMO.

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Good, I have changed it. Now this is made by a function called openmultiple.
Thanks for the advice!

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A third alternative is to just not overload and let people use