Meshing operations in Julia

Is it possible to do following Meshlab operations using Meshes.jl or similar package ?


Descriptions as per meshlab are available here List of Filters — PyMeshLab documentation

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@yewalenikhil65 sorry I missed the question. It would help if you could share the exact meanings of these operations. It is hard to tell otherwise.

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These operations fall under cleaning and repairing meshes inside Meshlab… To quote its function from docs, please check following image from Meshlab documentation

These should be easy to produce with the infrastructure in Meshes.jl. For example, given a mesh you can extract the graph of vertices as an adjacencymatrix(mesh), use Graphs.jl to find the connected components and then use the vertices(mesh) to decide whether or not a component satisfies a given criterion for removal. Of course there are many details to address, but the building blocks are there.

Feel free to reach out in our Zulip channel if you have more specific questions or if you would like to implement these functions yourself.

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