Merging triangles in mesh?


Is there some existing library with functionality for merging triangles (or other faces) with (essentially) the same angles into single polygonal faces (based on GeometryTypes.jl, for example)? Trying to generate line-drawings using Polyhedra.jl, and as far as I can tell, I can only extract triangular meshes (with CDDLib)…?

(I could implement something myself, of course – either for the merging or for simply locating neighbor vertices, etc. :-))


As far as I know, CDDLib exposes the incidence information, which is a polygon mesh, not a triangle mesh.

I was working on getting this incidence information within Julia recently:


Ah, cool. I ended up implementing the thing myself, fusing the triangles from Polyhedra.jl. A bit wasteful, but the polytopes in question are tiny (for figures), anyway. Might rewrite, though!-)