Meaning of warning: skipping PenaltyRelaxation

what is the meaning of the warning in the example here:

julia> map = relax_with_penalty!(model)
┌ Warning: Skipping PenaltyRelaxation for ConstraintIndex{MathOptInterface.VariableIndex,MathOptInterface.GreaterThan{Float64}}
└ @ MathOptInterface.Utilities ~/.julia/packages/MathOptInterface/3gomH/src/Utilities/penalty_relaxation.jl:289
Dict{ConstraintRef{Model, MathOptInterface.ConstraintIndex{MathOptInterface.ScalarAffineFunction{Float64}, MathOptInterface.LessThan{Float64}}, ScalarShape}, AffExpr} with 1 entry:
  con : 2 x - _[2] ≤ -1.0 => _[2]

I can see in the example that relaxing the problem makes it feasible. so what is being skipped here? thanks

The variable bounds are being skipped:

 @variable(model, x >= 0)

Great thanks