Meaning of package manager prompt

The Julia Manual when describing package manager prompt states:

The part inside the parenthesis of the prompt shows the name of the current project.

However, I am not sure about what is the meaning of word “current” in this sentence.

For example assume that we are in an empty named ABC in Julia REPL.
We run init in package manager mode do create Project.toml. Now the prompt will show:

(ABC) pkg>

and the folder is added as a first entry to LOAD_PATH.

Now exit Julia and start it again. LOAD_PATH does not contain project folder - you need to activate it to add it. However, going to package manager mode gives:

(ABC) pkg>

even without activation.

The question is is this intended and in particular:

  1. what is the (ABC) meant to mean in package manager mode: just to indicate that somewhere Project.toml file exists upwards in the folder tree?
  2. is there a way to check if the project is activated except from looking at LOAD_PATH or Pkg.API.ACTIVE_ENV directly?

CC @kristoffer.carlsson :slight_smile:

This is actually not the case on master. It was for a while but changed back while some things are figured out. It is likely it will be soon, and then you would need to activate.

Thank you. Target is moving fast.