MCHammer Monte-Carlo Simulation 0.1.3 is now released

MCHammer.jl is a package designed in raw Julia to quickly analyze probabilistic and build Monte-Carlo simulations more easily and with less lines of code. A complete set of charts and functions to analyze, visualize, correlate, import variables and export results are included. Check out the package and join in the fun as a contributor.


You want a link there…

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Thanks for posting the link :slight_smile

I guess I missed adding the link :wink:

This looks useful for engineering problems. I’ll have to give this a try soon.

I see some issues regarding the docs.

Does your package comes with a theme song?

Theme song for MCHammer Package

I wanna use your package but unfortunately I “can’t touch this”

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Still new to publishing. Ill address the doc issues. Any help would be appreciated if you have time.



I was looking through the documentation and readme but couldn’t really understand what problems you solve. It would be beneficial for your project to, in the readme or intro in docs, state who this package is for, what problems you solve and how your package relates to other MC tools in the julia ecosystems, such as Turing.jl etc. You also provide som visualization tools, how do those relate to, e.g., StatsPlots.jl, ArviZ.jl, VegaLite.jl etc.?