Max size for SVector or SArray

What are the recommended maximum sizes for an SVector or SArray? I realize there is no hard limit, but are there some rules of thumb?

probably shouldn’t be used beyond 100 elements but you always need to benchmark your exact use case and your machine for precise cut off

so for SArray it would be 100x100? and then for SVector, presumably 100,000 would be ok? And I guess this also is a function of the precision, e.g., Float64?

Can’t retrieve the post now, but when I did try I remember there were a certain number that up to thst point, it was fast, and after that number of elements, it were needed to kill the julia process… so, try by yourself in your specific architecture…

No, the rule of thumb is 100, not 100x100. That’s up to 10x10.

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