MATLABDiffEq load error

Hi, I was able to add MATLABDiffEq successfully including its dependencies, however while trying out the worked out example in this package i keep getting a ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: AlgType not defined Here is a screenshot:

Please help.

It might need an update to v1.0.

I am using Julia 1.2.0

Yes, this package needs an update. I’ll see if I can do it over the next few weeks. It’s not difficult but not the highest priority.

Thanks a lot…I am switching over to Julia from MATLAB for my neuronal simulations so I want to do a benchmark of the stuff solvers with Matlab ode15s. I know ode15s is listed as “low to medium” accuracy in Matlab but I want to see the time and errors against stiff solvers in Julia and fortran.
I am looking forward to the update eagerly.

Thanks and regards

Xref: continuing there.