Market basket analysis with Julia

Dear all,

I am new to Julia – I mean I got to know it last week but I think it has potentialities. So instead of writing a code in R,I have been thinking of going straight with Julia.

The task I have is in the realm of the MARKET BASKET ANALYSIS: {A, B} -> {C}

While there are several packages for R, what packages are there for this analysis in Julia? I could not find anything on Bing. Are there good tutorials on how to implement this analysis in Julia?

Thank you

They have not been updated in a while but there are some packages to do what you want:

If all you want is a set of rules then I would use the code already implemented in R (probably it’s code from Borgelt The code is written in C and is optimized. If you care about going into the details of how those rules are build (or you want to change a bit the code), then I would suggest to pick the julia implementation from above and play with it.

Depending on what you want to do you could gain a lot from a pure Julia implementation. I used the R implementation some time ago but I wanted to filter rules according to confidence. Since I could not go inside the code (it’s pretty dense C code) I had to generate all rules and then select the ones that interested me. The issue was that if the support was low then the number of rules generated could simply use all my RAM and the algorithm could crash (or make unusable) my computer.

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