Malformed UTF-8 (category Ma: Malformed, bad data)

Hi, I have an issue with Malformed UTF-8 (category Ma: Malformed, bad data) when reading input data from a serial port, instead of receiving an Hex data like “0xec” I get “\xec”.
I don’t fully understand way I get the data wrong, but I need to replace the “\x” with “0x” but failed to do so.
Can someone help me?
Thanks in ahead

My guess, without seeing your code, is you should be using read(io, UInt8) and not read(io, String)

hi, thanks for the quick reply
this is the code I use:

using LibSerialPort
sp =[1], 115200, ndatabits=8, nstopbits=1)

datain = []
append!(datain, readline(sp))


-append!(datain, readline(sp))
+append!(datain, read(sp, UInt8))

Thank you all for the help.
my code look like this now:

using LibSerialPort

ports = get_port_list()
sp =[1], 115200, ndatabits=8, nstopbits=1)

datain = []
while bytesavailable(sp) > 0
  push!(datain, read(sp,UInt8))

and now it’s working fine

The issue is that readline treats the read data as a UTF-8 string.
Whereas read can specify the parsed form (type) of the read data.

help?> readline
search: readline readlines readlink

  readline(io::IO=stdin; keep::Bool=false)
  readline(filename::AbstractString; keep::Bool=false)

  Read a single line of text from the given I/O stream or file (defaults to stdin). When reading from a file, the text
  is assumed to be encoded in UTF-8.
help?> read
search: read read! readdir readlink readline readeach readuntil readlines readchomp readbytes! readavailable

  read(io::IO, T)

  Read a single value of type T from io, in canonical binary representation.
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