Makie: update slider visual position from different observable trigger (i.e., reset sliders)

I am making some Makie sliders using the standard API of the SliderGrid.

Below the sliders I want to add a button reset, which once clicked will reset all sliders to their original value. I do have the original values saved externally. Here I want to visually reset the slides. In my code I anyways have an observable that gets triggered both on slider updated or on the reset button hit. So the actual code that uses the sliders does not have a problem. My problem is that the user that uses the GUI hits the reset button, which is reflected in the actual plots the GUI controls, but the slides themselves do not change. And this is confusing for the user…

So, is it possible to change the visual location of a slider without actively clicking the slider in the GLMakie window, but rather with code from an observable trigger?

This earlier post seems relevant:

set_close_to!(slider, value) is the function for that. It’s “close to” because you might not have the exact value in the range you passed to the slider, but it would be inconvenient to demand exact matches.

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Thank you so much it worked :') I am crying tears of joy!