Makie text function no longer working

The text function from Makie is no longer working in an environment. I have updated GLMakie v0.9.1 and CairoMakie v0.11.1.

It does work in my global environment using GLMakie v0.8.6

In the local environment where it does not work:

?text gives


  Plots a text.

This example:

    f = Figure()
    ax = Axis(f[1,1])

gives error:

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching layout_text(::Float64, ::Float32, ::FreeTypeAbstraction.FTFont, ::Tuple{Symbol, Symbol}, ::Quaternionf0, ::StaticArraysCore.SMatrix{4, 4, Float32, 16}, ::MakieCore.Automatic, ::Float64, ::RGBA{Float32}, ::RGBA{Float32}, ::Int64)

Hm that looks like a regression, could you please file an issue?

Apologies, it seems like there was something wrong with my local environment. After removing and adding the package and then restarting the Julia process everything seems to be working on the latest update. Not sure why it stopped working in the first place