Makie RGFf0 Undefeined VariableError

I am new to JUlia and have been working my way in with different tutorials. So far I have been able to find sources for most of my problems. However using GLMakie to draw figures I have had difficulty in using a color =( rand(RGBf0) ,0.5)) instruction to generate random colors. This gives an error UndefinedVarError RGBf0 not defined. I am running Julia1.7.1 on Windows 10 and using GLMakie 0.5. Since this method appears widely in different scripts in tutorials I am perplexed as to why i am having this difficulty. Any help would be appreciated.

There was a rename of a range of types that ended with f0 (for Float32) a while ago, those are now generally just ending in f so RGBf should work.


Cheers Jules that worked perfectly. Thanks again