Makie plot recipe collections?

Hi community!

I noticed that Makie.jl enables you to create custom recipes. Before I start creating something myself, I thought I’d ask: Are there repositories containing collections of recipes that extend Makie’s default plots?

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Just scattered across different repositories, there is no central recipe repo aside from Makie.jl.

Makie recipes currently only work on the plot object level and cannot modify Axis, Colorbar, etc. Therefore we don’t have so many recipes yet, which usually involve axis labels etc when you look for example at the Plots.jl ecosystem.


I would also mention that the MakieOrg GitHub organization is collecting various of these repositories:

I am maintaining recipes in Biplots.jl, MeshViz.jl, GeoStatsViz.jl myself.

This is my number one wish for Makie besides the compilation time issues. If package authors could write more powerful recipes modifying axis, colorbars, etc., they would become natural contributors to Makie itself. Everything would be written following the same code patterns, and everyone would talk the same language.


Believe me, I want that very much as well. It’s just not trivial to design and we didn’t have enough time to tackle it, yet.