Makie on Travis

Hello everyone!

I am writing documentation for a package which includes animations created with Makie. As I am using Literate.jl it makes sense to generate animations at the time of compiling the document with Documenter. And as I want the process to be as automated as possible, I need that Travis makes the docs. But Travis keeps failing to build GLMakie as can be seen in logfile.

Is it possible to get Makie run on Travis?

You can’t use GLMakie unless you have a GPU (which Travis doesn’t) - try using CairoMakie instead, if the plots are simple enough? @sdanisch, does WGLMakie support PNG saving yet? Could try to use that too

WGLMakie looks cool but I am not able to get it to save anything. Throws an error of not having a method for that:

julia> save("plot.png", scene)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching backend_show(::WGLMakie.WGLBackend, ::IOContext{IOStream}, ::MIME{Symbol("image/png")}, ::Scene)
Closest candidates are:
  backend_show(::Any, ::IO, ::MIME{Symbol("text/plain")}, ::Scene) at /home/janiserdmanis/.julia/packages/AbstractPlotting/wgqnv/src/display.jl:70
  backend_show(::WGLMakie.WGLBackend, ::IO, ::MIME{Symbol("text/html")}, ::Scene) at /home/janiserdmanis/.julia/packages/WGLMakie/XhNJQ/src/WGLMakie.jl:272
  backend_show(::WGLMakie.WGLBackend, ::IO, ::MIME{Symbol("application/vnd.webio.node+json")}, ::Scene) at /home/janiserdmanis/.julia/packages/WGLMakie/XhNJQ/src/WGLMakie.jl:272

Whereas CairoMakie seems to be too short for my needs as I need 3D wireframe! and mesh! methods.

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