Makie not updating scene in Jupyter

I want to update a plot in Jupyter notebook by clicking a button. I’m using Makie and Interact. Here is a minimal example:

using Makie, AbstractPlotting, WGLMakie
using Interact

y1 = sin.(2pi*10*t).*exp.(-t/0.1)
y2 = cos.(2pi*10*t).*exp.(-t/0.15)

scene = Scene(resolution = (500, 500))
lines!(scene, t, y1, scale_plot = true, color = :red, linestyle = :dash)
lines!(scene, t, y2, scale_plot = true, color = :blue, linestyle = :dashdotdot)

bt = Interact.button("Plot")

function update_plot(x)
    y2 = randn(1001)
    scene[2][1].val .= Point2f0.(t,y2);
    axis = scene[Axis]
    axis[:names, :axisnames] = ("t", "Yvalues")


on(update_plot, bt)

The Ylabel is updated when I click the button, but the plot itself is not. If I run display(scene) in a separate cell the plot is shown updated, but I would like to avoid duplicating the scene(the plot will actually be updated hundreds of times by the user via button click. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!