Makie: Labels are bold face

Consider the figure
Somehow the \gamma_d labels are displayed as bold face, even though there is no other font or so specified.

The axis labels and the titles are created with latex strings during the creation of the axis, for example:

axis = Axis(fig[j, i],
  title  = L"α = %$(α) \sqrt{\kappa}",
  ylabel = L"\kappa\,\mathrm{Im}(\beta)",
  xlabel = L"\kappa\,\mathrm{Re}(\beta)"

while the annotations on the left side are latex strings, which are placed as labels, i.e.,

Label(fig[j, 1, TopLeft()], L"\gamma_D = %$(γ)\kappa", halign = :left)

If it helps, I can compile a working minimal example.

I tried running your example with i = j = 1 and some values for alpha and gamma but it looks fine to me. (Though I’m on master and things may have changed a bit, especially with GLMakie.)

Could it be that you’re plotting the Label multiple times?


Too blind to see the obvious… thanks, that was indeed the case :fire: