Makie, JSServe and Observables: Can I wrap whole figures in Observables?

Hi there! Mostly a question for @sdanisch I guess, but maybe others know as well…

I’m creating interactive plots that work offline using WGLMakie and JSServe. For this, I have a custom function that takes a function with a single paramter (an Observable) and returns a Figure:

Produce an interactive figure with a slider.
        fig_fun: Function that takes a single argument, the Observable that the slider is controlling, and returns a Figure.
        val_range: Range of values that the slider can take.
        path: Path to save the figure to.
        pt_per_unit: Number of points per unit for plotting.
function produce_interactive_figure_with_slider(fig_fun::Function, val_range::Union{AbstractVector, AbstractRange}, path::String; pt_per_unit = 1)
    # we neet the webgl backend for this
    app = App() do session::Session
        _slider_range = 1:length(val_range)
        _slider = JSServe.Slider(_slider_range)

        # map slider values to actual values (should work without doing this, but seems a bit buggy)
        _value = map(_slider) do idx 
            return val_range[idx]

        # create the slider div
        slider_div = DOM.div(_slider)

        # get figure
        fig = fig_fun(_value)

        # the figure div
        fig_div = DOM.div(fig)
        # add same styles for consistent dimensions
        width, height = size(fig.scene);
        s = Hyperscript.HTML("<style> canvas {width:$(pt_per_unit*width) pt !important; height:auto !important;} </style>")

        # record state map
        return JSServe.record_states(session, DOM.div(s, fig_div, slider_div))

    # save to disk
    open(path, "w") do io
        show(io, MIME"text/html"(), Page(exportable=true, offline=true))
        show(io, MIME"text/html"(), app)

    # TODO: output as widget for jupyter

This generally works really well. However, I have a number of “legacy” figures and also some figures that don’t play well with using Observable (like figures using AlgebraOfGraphics), so I would like to be able to do something like this:

fig_fun = x -> @lift my_figure($x)
produce_interactive_figure_with_slider(fig_fun, ...)

I tried passing an Observable to DOM.div(fig), which works but results in only the first state being shown and the plot disappearing after moving the slider.

Super thankful for any suggestions!

Whenever I try to use the map on slider, it gives me an error saying
no method matching iterate(::Observable{Vector{Int64}})
Any suggestions?