Makie.jl resize event

one more question: Is it possible in GLMakie to capture window resize events?

I need this because the automatic layout is not doing 100% what I want.

You can lift the observable figure.scene.px_area. What is the layout not doing that it should, out of interest?

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How can I lift an observable?

Ok, I found a way:

    on(scene.px_area) do x
        println("New value of scene.px_area is $x")

Don’t know what this has to do with lifting, though.

Well, two things: Firstly it does not zoom the 3D scene as much as I want it, I want 10% more zoom. And secondly I also want to increase the font size when I increase the window size. Both is working now fine, using the observable scene.px_area :slight_smile: