Makie.jl - How to plot a colorlegend?

I’m trying to plot a colorlegend when its colorrang is (::Float64,::Float64).
But this sample code doesn’t work.

using Makie
using FileIO
using LinearAlgebra
using AbstractPlotting

r = LinRange(-20, 20, 500);  # our value range

ρ(x, y, z) = exp(-((x)^2 + (y)^2 + (z)^2)) # function (charge density)

# create a Scene with the attribute `backgroundcolor = :white`,
# can be any compatible color.  Useful for better contrast and not killing your eyes with a white background.
scene = Scene(backgroundcolor = :white)

    r, r, r,          # coordinates to plot on
    ρ,                # charge density (functions as colorant)
    algorithm = :mip,  # maximum-intensity-projection
    colorrange = (0,0.5),
      colormap = :blues,
    transparency = true

update_cam!(scene, Vec3f0(1,1.5,1.0), Vec3f0(0))
scene[Axis].names.textcolor = :gray # let axis labels be seen on dark background

cm = colorlegend(
    scene[end],             # access the plot of scene 
    raw = true,          # without axes or grid
    camera = campixel!,  # gives a concrete bounding box in pixels
                                         # so that the `vbox` gives you the right size
    width = (            # make the colorlegend longer so it looks nicer
        30,              # the width
        540              # the height

scene_final = vbox(scene, cm) # put the colorlegend and the plot together in a `vbox`

MethodError: no method matching optimize_ticks(::Int64, ::Float64; k_min=4, k_max=8)
Closest candidates are:
  optimize_ticks(::T, !Matched::T; extend_ticks, Q, k_min, k_max, k_ideal, granularity_weight, simplicity_weight, coverage_weight, niceness_weight, strict_span, span_buffer) where T at /Users/username/.julia/packages/PlotUtils/10ojB/src/ticks.jl:136

If colorrange = (0,0.5) → colorrange = (0,1.0), the code passes.
Is there a method to display a colorlegend with colorrange = (0,0.5)?

Could it be that the working code was colorrange = (0.0, 1.0) rather than colorrange = (0, 1.0)?

I think Makie is just being picky with the types: using colorrange = (0.0, 0.5) works for me.

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