Makie: how to improve plotting performance with thousands of 3D objects

I need to plot several thousands of quite simple 3D objects (boxes, cylinders, …) and for this I do create a mesh for each one implementing GeometryBasics.coordinates(...) and GeometryBasics.faces(...). Then I plot them either using mesh!(...) and/or wireframe!(...) for each created mesh. It works nicely but when I increase the number objects starts being very very slow. In practice, I can not do more than a few thousand.
What I am doing wrong? Should I merge the meshes and call mesh!(...) once? Is there an utility to do it? Thanks for your help.

If it’s just boxes + cylinders, you should be able to use meshscatter, which uses instancing and should be much faster.
Otherwise, merging is indeed a good idea, here is an example: