Makie: Equally spaced ticks

I can force the axis to be equally scaled via:

ax = Axis(fig[1, 1], aspect=DataAspect())

But have not yet figured out, if there is an elegant way to have also equally spaced ticks on both axis.
In plotly /PlotlyJS I can specify a parameter dtick, it is not elegant, but it works. On Makie I am lost …

The reason for this question is the axis-layout for Nyquist plots, see here

If you know the limits of the axis, you can set e.g. ax.xticks = (xtickvals::AbstractVector{<: Real}, xticklabels::AbstractVector{<: AbstractString})

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This is possible, but this would mean to write a dedicated function to investigate,
the data and to decide which spacing make sense.
I wonder if such a function already exists …