Makie ecdfplot color

Hi everyone, I have problems with changing the curves color in Makie ecdfplot:

f14 = Figure(size = (700, 450))
ax14 = Axis(f14[1,1], title = "Cumulative distribution long axis orientation, n = $(nrow(filtered_df))", xlabel = "Long axis orientation (degrees)", ylabel = "fraction")
DPaxis = ecdfplot!(ax14, filtered_df[!, :MeanOrientationCtoDP], color = :green)
rachis = ecdfplot!(ax14, filtered_df[!, :MeanAnglesLongAxisRachis], color = :blue)
random = lines!(ax14, collect(0:0.5:90), -cos.(collect(0:0.5:90).*pi/180) .+1, color = :orange)
Legend(f14[1,2], [DPaxis, rachis, random], ["D/P axis", "rachis normal vector", "theoretical random"])


Do you have a solution?

That’s a known issue since the last version, already filed. As a hack you could probably set plt.plots[1].color where plt is the ecdfplot object

Thank you jules