Makie Direction of Heatmap

I’m trying to create a 3 part heat map using this code

P₁ = transpose(dfm[1:21,88:108]) # Matrix{Float64}
seq₁ = reverse(transpose(singlemutfitness[1:21])) # Vector{Float64}
seq₂ = reverse(transpose(singlemutfitness[88:108])) # Vector{Float64}

f₅ = Figure(resolution = (800,800))

ax₅ = Axis(f₅[1,2], title = "P1")
ax₆ = Axis(f₅[1,1])
ax₇ = Axis(f₅[2,2])

ax₅.yreversed = true


colsize!(f₅.layout, 1, Fixed(33))
rowsize!(f₅.layout, 2, Fixed(33))

hm₅ = heatmap!(ax₅, P₁, colormap = cgrad(["white","green"],9))
hm₆ = heatmap!(ax₆, seq₁, colormap = cgrad(["white","green"],9))
hm₇ = heatmap!(ax₇, seq₂, colormap = cgrad(["white","green"],9),direction = :x)


This code produces the plot below:

The problem I have not been able to figure out is how to represent the heat map in f₅[2,2] horizontally so that it looks like the heat map in f₅[1,1] only laying on its side. I’ve tried to structure the data so that it is 1x21in shape - this doesn’t seem to work. I have also tried, unsuccessfully, to use the direction parameter hoping that might work.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

It needs to be in the shape 21 x 1 because the first dimension corresponds to x, and the second to y:

f = Figure()
data = rand(10, 1)
heatmap(f[1, 1], data, axis = (;aspect = DataAspect()))
heatmap(f[1, 2], data', axis = (;aspect = DataAspect()))

Thanks, that works well. My error was that I was trying to pass a vector. Which it liked vertically but not horizontally. When I used a 21x1 Matrix{Float64}, that did the trick and I could transpose without incident.