Makie depth order sorting

I’m currently plotting several transparent surfaces in a LScene in order to get the appropriate depth order I need to plot them in a specific order, lets say for two surfaces, one in the back and one in the front, first I plot the one in the back and then the one in the front and it seems to work. The question:

is there some function in Makie to enforce or automatically get this behavior. In Gnuplot.jl one can control all this with

"set pm3d depthorder", "set pm3d scansforward", and "set pm3d scansbackward"

No. Some attributes affect render order, but there is no way specify how GLMakie iterates through plots. (It’s ssao = fxaa = true before ssao = false; fxaa=true before fxaa = false, which won’t help you. There’s also overdraw which disables depth testing.)


Got it. Thanks :smiley: