Makie - Default plot color

While trying to set the attributes of a custom recipe, I am using default_theme(scene,Mesh), knowing that the default color is :black. My ultimate goal is to set my own default color, but somehow Makie changes any color to RGBA{Float32}(0.0f0,0.44705883f0,0.69803923f0,0.8f0). I have traced the error and it happens if I use


which, instead of being black by default (as provided by help_attributes(mesh,extended=true)), it appears as RGBA{Float32}(0.0f0,0.44705883f0,0.69803923f0,0.8f0). Where does this come from?

Edit: Apparently, this only occurs for 2D objects, since meshing 3D objects returns them in black.

The color is changed because of the cycler, you can set a color manually or set the cycler to empty to get the default color. Theming figures · Makie Plotting Ecosystem

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