Makie - Cycle colors for all plots


I am trying to substitute the current color cycle by one of my own, but I am not able to do so.

I have tried set_theme!(palette = (color = cgrad(:roma, 4, categorical = true))) and `Axis(palette = (color = cgrad(:roma, 4, categorical = true)))’, but both error.

My workaround is to have the cgrad object and cycle manually.
Is there an automatic way to do this?

You’re forgetting commas in the one element named tuples, so it gets parsed just as (...). For set theme you need to put it under Axis…So:

grad = cgrad(:roma, 4, categorical = true)
set_theme!(Axis = (palette = (color = grad,),))
 Axis(palette = (color = grad,))

That comma… It gets me every time.

I’m sorry, thanks a lot for the help!!

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Surely doesn’t help, that Makie still doesn’t throw good errors for wrong arguments…

Everything in its own due time :wink:

Makie is great, keep up with the good job!