[Makie] Colorbar positioning woes

Hey folks,
I am having trouble setting up a colorbar. The plot is set with aspect = DataAspect() and is quite rectangular. The colorbar then appears very far from the actual plot (see below). How can I remedy this so that the colorbar is at a decent location? Currently, I simply call Colarbar( fig[1,2], limits=...).


Have a look at this tutorial Aspect ratio and size control tutorial

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Thanks, this is exactly what I needed! I am curious, I am getting an error that resize_to_layout!() is not defined. Has its usage been changed? It’s not a huge deal as I found a decent resolution setting, I’m just curious as it seems convenient for quick exploratory plotting.

You’re on an older version, it’s evident by the Dejavu font in your example picture, we use a different one now :slight_smile:

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Ah that I am – thanks again!!