Make doesn't capture changes in dependencies in external LLVM build


Julia’s Makefile doesn’t capture the changes in it’s (external) llvm build. Rebuilding Julia by make or make debug didn’t consider the changes in the LLVM build.

How can I rebuild Julia to reflect these changes without starting from scratch ?

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make -C deps clean-llvm

If you are using SVN build and want to upgrade it to a later version, also run make -C deps upgrade-llvm.

If you just have minor local changes to update, easiest option is to run ‘make install’ inside the llvm build directory itself, then build julia as usual.

Do you mean that this command,

  1. Updates the LLVM repo
  2. rebuilds LLVM
  3. rebuilds Julia ?

It checkout latest svn version (through git) in LLVM SVN build, i.e. just “upgrade it to a later version”

In recent (post v0.5 checkouts) you should be able to do make -C deps reinstall-llvm (or any other dependency name)

Hello @jameson,

This option’s updates and recompiles an internal LLVM installation. I’m using an external installation by setting LLVM_CONFIG.

As a side question, I couldn’t find that option in deps/Makefile. How was it available to make then ?

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Sanjay Srivallabh

Ah, ok - yes, that is why it part of why it is discouraged to override the default options with system libraries.

It’s included from tools/