Make a wish on “creative” Julia engine!

Julia has been built on greed. One thing to wish for is for its ecosystem to become a great creative tool of choice. One area to wish for is a “creative engine” that’s more than a game engine or something. Unreal engine, known for being a game engine, for example, is also a movie maker, an automotive designer, etc… maybe some would call it “metaverse”? Regardless, it is about being a creative tool producing contents, and more… Let’s fill it up together.

We want _ of Unreal engine, _ of Unity, _ of Cryengine, _of Godot, _ of Bevy, _ of Aether
We want _ of Mujoco, _ of etc…
We want scientifically accurate simulation when needs be… We want professional CAD design to be viable, We want industrial-grade virtual factory, We want… We want more, we want it all.

Well, yes, that was the theme of the famous 2012 blog post. But note that the post was a combination of mission statement, announcement of significant progress already made and call for community participation. The original team did not just make a list of demands, they delivered too. They had been working hard on Julia for 2.5 years before they gifted it to the world in that announcement.

So Julia was in fact more built on generosity than greed, and I hope the requests in this thread reflect that too.


I see. I’m fully aware that the requests made in this thread gonna either be unfulfilled or painstakingly implemented. And I’m fully aware we’re nowhere near the capacity to do it, save some ingenious way to save work.

If only I was smarter… smart enough to figure out actually how to do it.

But to start, we must know what we want, so, back to the wish.

As of now, I can only wish. So, I’m gonna carry the wish forward, to the next generation of Julians to come, and beyond.