Major updates coming to HDF5.jl, request for changes before release

Hi all,

We are planning on making a new major release over at . This is a results of several contributors making vastly needed upgrades (big thanks to @jkleinh, @jmert , and @jipolanco)

I just wanted to make a notice for any changes people would like to see make it in this release before we create a tag.

There’s an outstanding issue to use a more Dict like interface, which perhaps we should also try to get in the release. This should be low hanging and we can probably get this in (although this is a non-breaking change, we can add dep warns for this)

There’s also the issue of Taking the array indexing interface seriously, ref: DimensionalData.jl and DiskArrays.jl. We should probably push towards such a change, but that might take longer to accomplish. cc @Raf @fabiangans


Thanks for working on this!
I’m not sure how much of this applies to HDF5.jl, but it is good to know that even though HDF5 1.12 is a minor release, it actually seems to be breaking:


I’m not a big raw HDF5 user myself, but your work here @musm is immensely appreciated!