Lovely PlotThemes

Plots is just terrific work with GR, PyPlot backends. PlotlyJS looks really nice, but is lagging in 0.7/1.0 updates for the moment.

PlotThemes makes a bunch of visuals incredibly easy to implement. I have one question about the theme :ggplot2.

It implements light gray plot area backend: that is just the bg_color_inside attribute = :light gray.

But, it also creates SOLID white gridlines. White is easy: fg_color_grid=:white

But, how the heck does Tom get solid gridlines, vs dotted, on every backend? I want to do that, but couldn’t see in the source for PlotThemes where that is set–it must be backend dependent, but the right thing happens in every backend. I love it.

It’s wonderful to have the hard work done by jheinen and the author of the GR toolkit and Steven Johnson (et al) on PyPlot and the work of John Hunter (R.I.P.) et al on Matplotlib. It just adds colorful, flavorful icing to also have Tom Breloff’s work on Plots and its accessories. I can’t tell you how gratifying/satisfying all this is.

More wonderfulness. It’s not in the docs but anyone can query the actual attributes live in the REPL:

plotattr(:Axis) turns up gridstyle
plotattr(“gridstyle”) turns up: [:auto, :solid, :dash, :dot, :dashdot, :dashdotdot]

And you need gridalpha=1.0

Still not clear where this is in PlotThemes, but no matter…