Losing some output from redirect_stdout() on remote workers

I’m running some CPLEX (a Math. Programming solver) jobs as remote jobs and trapping each job’s output with the following (more or less):

    local res
    open(traceFile, "w") do out # https://discourse.julialang.org/t/redirect-stdout-and-stderr/13424/4
        redirect_stdout(out) do
            res =runInstance("instance", otherStuff)

This appears to work fine from REPL but while it seems to catch the output for /most/ of the remote jobs, I always seem to get some residue output to REPL from (some of) the remote CPLEX jobs like the following:

      From worker 3:	
      From worker 3:	Cover cuts applied:  61
      From worker 3:	Implied bound cuts applied:  359
      From worker 3:	Flow cuts applied:  82
      From worker 3:	Mixed integer rounding cuts applied:  571
      From worker 3:	Zero-half cuts applied:  243
      From worker 3:	Lift and project cuts applied:  6
      From worker 3:	Gomory fractional cuts applied:  103
      From worker 3:	
      From worker 3:	Root node processing (before b&c):
      From worker 3:	  Real time             =    1.65 sec. (2333.42 ticks)
      From worker 3:	Sequential b&c:
      From worker 3:	  Real time             =   66.38 sec. (92988.06 ticks)
      From worker 3:	                          ------------
      From worker 3:	Total (root+branch&cut) =   68.03 sec. (95321.48 ticks)

I don’t know if this is a CPLEX problem or if it is my poor understanding of remote processes.

All help / suggestions appreciated.

Try also redirecting stderr, I bet it’s coming from there.

Thanks, I’m not so sure though. I can’t think of why CPLEX would direct this (albeit, summary) information to stderr and the remainder to stdout. And also, I seem to catch all output when it is run from the REPL.