Lora Package

i decided to download Julia 1.1.0 and leave the 0.7 version and i wanted to add the Lora package but i couldn’t because it was restricted by julia compatibility requirements to versions, so i wanna know what is the equivalent of this package?

Edit: although, that does not look supported either. So maybe you have to move on to another package. (Or update it to Julia 1.0).

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it is not working also
it seems im gonna go back to the 0.7 version

Why? Once you fix deprecations in your code, 1.0 should be equivalent.

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You should check out Turing, which has superseded Lora and Klara for Bayesian modeling and MCMC and is being actively developed. Other maintained options are Mamba and DynamicHMC.


Hey there – I’m with the Turing folks. We’re happy to help out if you’d like to move your models Turing-side given Klara’s semi-dormancy. We have a bunch of tutorials you might like (including an intro to Turing example), often-improving documentation, and a responsive bunch of developers you can reach at the main repo or in the #turing channel on Julia’s Slack.

We also occasionally monitor the Discourse stats section, so questions and such can go in here and we may notice.


thanks a lot ill check it out

thank you ill take a look