Looking for opinion on dot methods completion implementation

After reading Allowing the object.method(args...) syntax as an alias for method(object, args ...) and some complaints on other blog posts,
I’ m working on an implementation like something in Goland gocompletefunctionsfortype.animated.gif(GIF 图像,920x428 像素) in vscode extension. I think it’ s now in a usable state. If anyone want to try out, please see Release A quick dot methods completion demo · xgdgsc/julia-vscode · GitHub . Welcome opinion/bug reports.

Also includes Feat/persist inline results by xgdgsc · Pull Request #3123 · julia-vscode/julia-vscode · GitHub ,which also welcome some opinion.


This is bad UI because of the ambiguity. The dot, used like that, already refers to Base.getfield.

Perhaps you could think of another symbol or sequence of symbols to use instead of .? Or rely on a hot-key or menu selection or something.

I could make it configurable. But for new learners and users that might have already learned a few languages and might have to switch multiple languages during work, It could be already in their muscle memory to search object related functions.