Looking for a new maintainer for HMMBase.jl


I haven’t been able to work on HMMBase.jl for the past few months as I’m unfortunately not using Julia anymore in my day-to-day work.
The package is working as-is but it has two open PRs for adding parameter estimation with multiple observation sequence, and for adding time-varying HMMs.
As the package is seeing some interest, I would like to keep it alive.

I’d be glad to transfer the package ownership to anyone who wishes to keep the package alive and up-to-date in the future.



Looks like a very nice package. If you don’t get suggestions here, you may want to broadcast this message over to the QuantEcon people, who use Markov chains in their work:

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Hi Max,

Though I might not be able to work on it directly just yet (it’s a little outside of my skill range as of yet I think) I do use Julia on a daily basis and would love to keep the package updated so that the other contributors and others that may want to work on it still can.