Logging in Julia 0.6.2

This is a real noob question. I want to use Logging in Julia. I really liked the Python package logging. Right now I am passing down showtrace variables into functions :disappointed:
I see in the latest documentation that there is a Logging functionality in stdlib. I want to use that as it covers the scope of my usage, and is standard. In Julia 0.6.2 it is not there. Should I download the nightly? Will I run into problems of instability? Is there another package that I can use with stable that can later be removed without changing the logging code much?

I’d just use nightly now, unless there are packages you need which don’t work on it yet (and you can’t fix them). 0.7 should be released soon, very soon, and is definitely almost feature complete; see the latest chat in 1.0 progress/status.

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0.7 won’t be easy for new users until packages catch up.


I recently asked this question in slack - the response was to use the package MicroLogging, which is close to the new API (it was actually a sort of proof of principle for the design). It’s not totally complete, but it works pretty well for basic stuff and will get you used to the interface.

Memento.jl is another good choice - it has a different API, but it seems like they’re planning to keep developing it (the new API in base is built to be extensible so other packages can use it but expand on it, and that’s what Memento is doing). This means you won’t have to change much of anything when 1.0 drops

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