Loading views from serialized file disconnects memory link

I have a large matrix of data that I wish to create hundreds of views from. These views help me with setindexing and actually using my data in the program. This works perfectly for me, especially if I want to deepcopy to make different versions of the matrix.

However, when using the Serialization package, I notice that the views are decoupled pointers to the actual matrix ie. the views no longer update the matrix with setindex. Here is a minimal example:

# Make matrix and views
x = rand(100, 100)
xv = [view(x, i, :) for i in axes(x, 1)]

# Struct to hold views and data together
struct test
mytest = test(x, xv)

# Example of updating, works!
setindex!(mytest.xv[1], 1:100, :)

using Serialization

# Save and load to new struct
serialize("myteststruct", mytest)
myload = deserialize("myteststruct")

# Example of updating, decoupled!
setindex!(myload.xv[1], 101:200, :)

Is this intended or something easy that I’m missing. Didn’t really see any topics on this. Any help would be appreciated.