Loading packages without UUID

Hi everyone. In the documentation for Pkg it is mentioned that:

For legacy reasons it is possible to load a package without a project file or UUID from the REPL or the top-level of a script. It is not possible, however, to load a package without a project file or UUID from a project with them. Once you’ve loaded from a project file, everything needs a project file and UUID.

What does this exactly mean? Specifically, what does load mean in this context?

I’m asking because I recently generated a package from Julia 1.0 (so it has Project.toml and with UUID and all) which uses other packages from the ecosystem that do not have a Project.toml (just the old REQUIRE, so no UUID either). All these dependencies are “loaded”, in the sense that I’m using them at some point in my package or in its tests. But everything seems to work just fine.

What should one expect not to work?

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using or import.

That’s my experience, too; it works out fine to have a Project.toml but have only REQUIRE in the dependencies.

Perhaps open an issue about the docs?

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Issue here with a minimal working example (which is not so minimal to precompile though).

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